Vision - Family - Community, Inc. of Osceola Assisting Residents Of Our County, Inc. is a not for profit Florida Family Law firm helping clients represent themselves in divorce and other family law matters.

The, Inc. has detailed the benefits of how delivering Family Law Forms online could dramatically increase judicial efficiency in Florida. Since then it has helped hundreds of Florida residents save thousands of dollars on legal fees by enabling them to represent themselves in an "uncontested" divorce or other family matter. 

One of the goals of the, Inc.'s attorneys is figuring out how to help people divorce as amicably as possible and move on with their lives, without them having to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees. If you have children and can avoid the fees, the money is better spent on your children.

Guide to Doing Your Own Divorce in Florida offers an "unbundled legal service" for self-represented parties in Florida uncontested divorce and other family law matters. This means that we offer the Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law legal forms bundled with legal advice for an affordable, fixed fee (Read more...). This is an innovative approach to getting a Florida divorce or other family law matter resolved at the lowest possible cost.

If you have only one or two issues that need resolution before you get an uncontested divorce consider trying our Divorce Mediation Service. It is a fixed price service for both couples that includes the cost of all of the forms that you need, the mediator’s fee, and the Final Hearing to close your case. (Read More... )

Take advantage of our Free Legal Advice by E-Mail Offer.

The FamilyLaeClinic.Org, Inc. Advantage...

1.    Just click on a document name and start completing one of our online questionnaires. When you are ready, you can save your answers, register to become a client of our firm, and purchase.

2. After you submit your questionnaire, we prepare your documents; amend as necessary to make sure everything is correct; notify you when your documents are ready; and provide you with additional legal advice and instructions.

3.  If you have only one or two issues separating you and your spouse from total agreement, try our Fixed Fee Divorce Mediation Service.

We focus on preparing your legal documents for Florida no-fault divorce and other family law matters, enabling you to file your documents yourself and to keep your legal fees as low as possible. We do not handle contested divorces or any area of law outside of Florida Family Law. 

If you have a contested divorce we can refer you to a full service attorney who can provide you with more traditional representation.

As a not for profit law firm licensed to practice law in Florida, we offer lawyer-reviewed divorce and other legal documents specific to the State of Florida plus the legal advice needed for you to use those forms and instructions on how to proceed from the initial filing to the final hearing.

Remember...only a law firm can give you legal advice.  A forms company cannot provide you with legal advice and adds very little for the fee they charge, like making sure that you spell your name correctly!, Inc.

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Office meetings by appointment only.

How It Works

1. Choose the document you need, and begin the online questionnaire.

2. Save your answers. You can return any time to edit/finish.

3. When you're ready to go forward, pay by credit card and submit your questionnaire.

4. We'll prepare your documents; amend as necessary; and notify you when ready.

5. Legal advice and instructions will also be provided.

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